tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

mary oliver

private + small groups

Is 2019 the year you commit to beginning a yoga practice, advance your existing practice, or find nourishing stillness in meditation?Or, are you recovering from an injury, or suffering from chronic pain? Private or semi-private (2-3 people) sessions are the perfect invitation to a deeper level of self care. Through pose + prose, silence + flow, create time and space to develop, deepen and define a personal practice uniquely your own.. Sarah’s personal story is physically understood and grounded through decades of teaching and training; she shares her experience, strength and hope, offering healing and a healthy relationship with your own embodied life. Fees are determined based upon length and location, but are generally between $60-$80/hour. Package Pricing and Gift Certificates also available!


Sarah delights in the practice of teaching, and more so in sharing with others. Her knowledge of sequencing and precise anatomical cuing unlocks the mysteries buried within the body, transforming known experience into a new authentic expression ~  Contact  Sarah and begin a mentoring/coaching experience that is uniquely your own. Contact hours are eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit.

Working with Sarah • Written from Experience

I attended Sarah’s Workshop “The Courage to Speak: Living from your Authentic Voice at the NYS Yoga Festival, and it made me more sure that I want to teach yoga.  If you'd asked me three and a half years ago when I started practicing if I'd want to ever teach, or teach a class where the focus was on listening to and working with your body rather than burning as many calories as possible, I'd have told you no and definitely not.  Yoga has changed me and what it means to me has changed, and I hope that I can help others experience it as I have. Rebecca, Pittsburgh PA

I want to share what the experience of bringing (my daughter) to you once a week for the past several months has been like for me.  The external changes I have seen are extraordinary and far more obvious because I can see them with my own eyes. The big one for me is her high center of balance is working it’s way down, and she is becoming more grounded. She is moving more efficiently and effortlessly. I have also been able to observe internal changes for her that are more subtle in nature. She’s having far fewer melt downs. She’s becoming more self aware, and she is able to communicate to me what is going on internally before she gets overwhelmed. She is becoming more comfortable in her own skin. She’s even communicating more with her Dad. This is really big!!!
From my perspective as her mother, I’ve realized that taking time for one’s self is not selfish, but an opportunity to self reflect and become more self aware. I’ve realized that spirituality is not about a relationship with a higher power, but a deeper unspoken connection with those around me. Thank you for providing a space and opportunity for all of this to happen!!! Cindy, Byron, NY