Absence/ Excess/ Loss

The disappearance of the object is fundamental to performance; it rehearses and repeats the disappearance of the subject who longs always to be remembered. — Peggy Phelan

Absence/Excess/Loss began as an exploration of how the process of repetition and the making of multiples generate memory and melancholia. Installed at Rochester Contemporary in 2007, and co-curated with Marni Shindelman, we sought artists who questioned how the creation of repeated objects relate to both the act of mourning, as well as to enacted remembrance. Within the scope of this exhibition, each of the artists shared an affinity for vernacular and domestic materials in which process came to bear as much meaning as the (final) object. For ourselves, as artists and curators, we believed that the act of repetition is as equally banal, as it is extraordinarily unique.