this is my practice: to be just sew

Sarah's path is comprised of many stitches. From the artist studio to the yoga studio, she explores unique ways to create, to practice, to make meaning. As an exhibiting artist, her performance-based and installation work often relied on the act of repetition, or the making of multiple (seemingly similar) objects. Through this process she revealed how the act of repetition is as equally banal as it is extraordinarily unique. 

Sarah brought this mindset to her mat in 2000. After a lifetime of suffering from the postural misalignment of scoliosis, Sarah began a new practice and a new journey, from a body constricted, to a body empowered. Trained in the Anusara style of yoga, her instruction interweaves precise attention to alignment with a creative practice.  Weaving myth and metaphor, poetry and philosophy, Sarah’s critical, visual and perceptual background creates a unique environment for students to map and make meaning of their individual body’s stories and experiences, to identify and to embrace their innate, individual strengths ~ to be just so.